Donut Tower and Cake Towers

One of the best dessert options for a small gathering or occasion is having a cake or a donut tower. If you’re not fond of cakes, you can opt for the donuts, which is easier to manage. Also, guests can easily get a piece of the said dessert off the food table without making a mess.

At The Dessert Parlour, we offer cakes, sugar cookies, handmade chocolates, cupcakes, donuts, and many more dessert options perfect for any big or small event. Our team has been baking elegant and charming desserts since 2012, giving people around Melbourne the satisfaction they long for from their sweet cravings.

Donut Tower Melbourne

We started baking and selling our famous donuts sometime around 2014. Since then, we’ve been a part of many special events such as Topshop, Mimco, and Oroton. What make’s our donuts so special is that each piece is made out of soft cupcake consistency that is then dipped into a white or milk chocolate sauce. Once you get a bite of our donut, you’ll get into that donut craze as you won’t be able to stop munching over every piece until you have emptied the box.

Each donut is 6-7cm in diameter and can be made of different flavours and topped off with your chosen design. If you’re looking to buy some doughnuts for your upcoming occasions such as weddings, birthdays, product launch, business gathering, or any party, we got you covered. Nowadays, a doughnut tower can serve as a “wedding cake”. As for some people, “wedding cakes are so cliche”, and also, it adds excitement to the theme of the occasion.


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