Dessert Catering Melbourne

What is one thing everyone looks forward to in every gathering that has a big feast? The dessert! Like what many people say, a party is not complete without a selection of desserts!

If you’re planning an event or party, you have to keep in mind that guests would always look forward to the sweet treats you’ll be serving them. At The Dessert Parlour we provide gourmet catering options for everyone across Melbourne and we have a huge variety of options. You can choose between our standard and premium dessert catering services which both will be served with quality pastries. Well, if both services have quality desserts, what makes them different from each other? There are not many differences with the taste and ingredients between standard and premium desserts- the only visible difference is their appearance.

Whether you are having a family reunion, baby shower, wedding reception, birthday party, or any gathering, you might want to consider having a dessert catering. Melbourne has tons of amazing dessert shops like The Dessert Parlour. Imagine the burden of having to bake and prepare cakes and sweet treats while you still have to cook the main dish. Your kitchen will be a mess if you do all the cooking and baking at the same time, especially if guests will start arriving in a couple of hours. To save you from this burden, we at The Dessert Parlour will take care of it.

Below are some of the dessert options we have at The Dessert Parlour:

Baked Doughnuts



Cake Popsicles


Handmade Chocolates

Sugar Cookies

We also offer custom branded desserts good for office function celebrations or weddings!

We cater to not only weddings but we do corporate functions to small private gatherings. Choosing from our dessert and cake offerings, we also work with the best in town to bring to you the ultimate spread!

We work with Brioche By Philip for savoury and sweet pastries and Stoker’s Fine Pancakes for their breakfast and sweet pancakes.

Just like the seasons, our desserts and cake flavours may change from time to time. We want to keep it this way to show our clients that our service is flexible and one of a kind. But if you want a particular type of cake flavour, we can bake that for you. You are the one seeking for our service after all. We offer our seasonal cakes to help clients decide what cake they should get in case they don’t have one in mind yet.

One of the easiest catering plans you’ll go through is dessert catering. Melbourne is surrounded by pastry shops that offer dessert catering services like us. Just tell us the theme and budget you have for the upcoming event, and we’ll handle it for you. At The Dessert Parlour, we offer the best desserts that’ll suit everyone’s taste! We have a wide selection of desserts. From our homemade cakes and sweet treats, you might go crazy just by looking at the list of dessert options to choose from. If you want to inquire about our services, feel free to call us, and we’ll be glad to assist you.


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