After a massive feast of savoury foods, one can never be too full for desserts. Most commonly known to be served after every meal, desserts are served in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some people may tend to feel unsatisfied after every meal, but in fact, all they need is a bite of some sweet desserts to make their tummy happy!

There’s this new trend going on where pastry shops put together assorted desserts into a box which can be customised as per their client’s requests. This trend is called “Dessert Box”. A dessert box can include either one kind of pastry or assorted ones. At The Dessert Parlour, we offer a wide variety of desserts, and we can help you create your dessert box. 

What Makes Our Dessert Box Special?

A dessert box is not just an ordinary gift box filled with sweet treats. Dessert boxes are known for their significant packaging and how the pastries are assembled to be presentable. If an important occasion is coming up, let’s say an anniversary, a dessert gift box should be your best option. We will present you the list of desserts you can put in your dessert box, and we’ll assemble it for you. One of the best desserts we offer is our handmade chocolates. 

Our handmade chocolates are perfect as a thank you gift for your awesome boss or for wedding bonbonnière. We can also customise a sticker to add that final touch in your dessert box. Keep in mind that handmade chocolates should be stored in cool, dark, and dry places and should be consumed in a week. Well, for a person with a sweet tooth, these delicious chocolates will be gone in no time.

At The Dessert Parlour in Melbourne, our dessert packages are sturdy and durable enough to keep your goodies fresh and protected. Also, our quality printed stickers help a lot by boosting the appearance of our boxes. Remember, an effective marketing strategy is to make the products as presentable and eye-catching as possible.

Make Your Delivery Extra Special

With our selection of sweet treats, all are made with quality ingredients that will guarantee an explosion of flavours. We at The Dessert Parlour will help you create the ideal dessert box for you or as a perfect gift for a special someone. We carefully create and style each box to deliver a minimalist or elegant appearance. Speaking of delivery, deliveries are handled with care to ensure our goods won’t get damaged along the way.

Whether you are giving it to a birthday celebrant or you are finding gifts for a special someone, we know just what to put in the dessert box. It can be difficult to pick which dessert to put in the box, but worrying isn’t an option as we got you covered. Our dessert boxes are easy to carry as the durable packaging that we use protects all the sweet treats inside.

Interested with our dessert boxes? You can call our shop, and we’ll be happy to assist you.