Custom Cakes & Cupcakes Melbourne

Beautiful naked and semi-naked cakes are our speciality, with our work featured in magazines and blogs.

Serving sizes

If you are already having dessert as part of your menu or a dessert table, coffee size portions are recommended.

Actual quantities and sizes will vary, depending on the person cutting your cake.

Extras (additional fees)

You can request to add fresh flowers, macarons, fruit such as figs or a customised cake topper

Mudcake Flavours

Drip Ganaches

Each cake has 4 layers of mud cake with a layer of buttercream in between. The buttercream layer between the cake layers can be any flavour you want!

Cakes nowadays have more ingredients and designs compared to the cakes people served years ago. Do you have a particular cartoon character or superhero in mind? Bakers can sculpt cakes or create a theme with that character as a reference. Cakes are always present in every celebration, especially birthday parties. Its sweet and delicious taste is not only the reason why everyone looks forward to it but also the way it’s designed. Once a round or square, plain-looking cake, can now come in the form of cartoon characters, animals, buildings, and even sceneries.

A party will never be complete without a cake presented. And with the help of The Dessert Parlour, we will offer you the best custom cakes in town!

Custom Cakes & Cupcakes Melbourne

The shape, decorative elements, size, and colour of the cake are the important factors to help the cake compliment with the theme of the event or special occasion. With the cake designs we offer, our clients can freely decide which one they want to get. If they want a different design, they’ll just give us the basic details, and we’ll create their unique, custom cake in no time. Here are the kinds of custom cakes and cupcakes that we make:

Wedding cakes

Our fancy, unique, and classic cakes are best suited for weddings. While it can be a tradition for some newlyweds to slice the cake before it is served to the guests, we make sure that the cake is presented perfectly for the wedded couple.


These kinds of pastry can be presented with caramel chocolate, battercake, white chocolate, and many more flavours.

Birthday cakes

One of the most awaited moments of the birthday celebration is, of course, eating the cake. We offer custom-made birthday cakes of different flavours, designs, and sizes.

Other occasions

Nowadays, people celebrate even the smallest achievements. Well, every accomplishment is worth celebrating right? We at The Dessert Parlour will be glad to bake you the best cake for any occasions!


Please note we do not create fondant cakes.

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